Tweets, Headlines, and Charts for 2013-10-01

  • Ironic that when the government shuts down they work harder than ever to not be shut down, but take plenty of vacations when running ->
  • Tesla: A trap for small investors? – Oct. 1, 2013 via @sharethis ->
  • Calls for gold under $1000 will likely be just as wrong as calls for gold over $2000 in 2011 ->
  • Silver 50 cents off the lows now $SLV ->
  • Smells like a monster reversal is brewing in the metals, the strong miners are barely down $FNV $AGI ->
  • SPX bear market in 2002 took about 9 months to bottom ->
  • Not uncommon for markets to take 6-9 months to bottom, metals have been bottoming June-Sept or April-Sept depending on how you look at it ->
  • NEW POST: Tres Knippa – Japan Is In Very Big Trouble – 9/25/13 ->
  • Pullback that started in late August for the metals should be winding to a close soon, getting long in the tooth $GLD $SLV ->
  • NEW POST: Tweets, Headlines, and Charts for 2013-09-30 ->

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