Tweets, Headlines, and Charts for 2013-10-02

  • Sprotts Charles Oliver Sees the Shine Returning to Metals via @SWGoldReport #gold ->
  • Bob Moriarty: Ignore the Noise and Profit from Golds Volatility via @SWGoldReport #gold ->
  • Market Anthropology: Shaken, not Stirred ->
  • Final Capitulation in Gold? ->
  • Bitcoin the Next Gold ETF? Digital Currency Plunges 20% as FBI Seizes Silk Road via @barronsonline ->
  • I would have to think most funds are about as poorly positioned for a falling dollar as they could be given current market psychology ->
  • $TSLA hasn't touched its 50dma since April ->
  • Let's see what day 2 and day 3 bring this week, if the rally fizzles it's just another bear trap and more pain $DUST ->
  • A lot of miners have given back earlier gains, however there is still a lot of fear and scared people in this market $GDX $GDXJ ->
  • NEW POST: Brien Lundin: Next Leg Up In Gold Will Be Like Having Your Very Own Printing Press – 10/2/13 ->
  • Dollar could really fall off a cliff here, weakening U.S. economy could start getting priced in along with continued money printing $UUP ->
  • Dollar is almost staring at a loss for the year now, yet most market participants think its stronger than foreign currencies $UUP ->
  • $SGG – [ ] #stockcharts Sugar looks like it's starting a new bull market ->
  • The Rise of a Semi-employed America: Before recession 4 million part-time workers today over 8 million. via @Digg ->
  • Big reversal is now complete too, silver has not only recouped all of the $1 loss from yesterday but now adding to gains $SLV ->
  • Should be starting day 1 of a new upleg in the metals today $GLD $SLV, most of the metals market is scared from the latest pullback ->
  • Precious Metals: How Do You Like Me Now? via @Digg ->
  • NEW POST: Tweets, Headlines, and Charts for 2013-10-01 ->

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