Tweets, Headlines, and Charts for 2013-10-09

  • How to increase your intelligence @SciAm ->
  • Why Markets Trend ->
  • Do We Actually Buy A Piece of A Business When We Buy Stocks? via @Digg ->
  • Fidelity sells off short-term US debt ahead of ceiling ->
  • Big reversal now in $GDX, $FNV and $AGI also positive on the day…will all hinge on the dollar if it keeps rallying gold remains weak $GLD ->
  • If the dollar fails at 80.50-80.70 then look for gold to quickly reverse this downtrend. $GLD ->
  • Lots of hammer candles forming on miners, lots of calls for gold to fall forever, gold is a slam dunk sell…in other words bottom forming ->
  • Goldman Tell Clients To Sell Gold – Did Same In Nov 2007, Gold Then Rose 12% via @sharethis ->
  • If Goldman says gold is a slam-dunk sell then it's a slam-dunk buy, since you have to apply an inverse operation to what they say $GLD ->
  • It Is Unanimous: Gold Remains the Most Hated Asset Class via @Acting_Man ->
  • NEW POST: Fabian Calvo: Real Estate Recovery is Fiction ->
  • Markets continue to be under pressure should get a panic washout soon $VXO $QQQ ->
  • NEW POST: Tweets, Headlines, and Charts for 2013-10-08 ->

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