Tweets, Headlines, and Charts for 2013-11-18

  • @HindlesKitchen bitcoins are a mania and since they have no intrinsic value are going to plummet into the ground once the selling starts ->
  • I bet within 3 months bitcoin crashes by 50-80% as it unravels like a Ponzi scheme where everyone rushes to get out $BCOIN ->
  • Bitcoin dives 30% after touching record $900 link this is what I was talking about totally out of control bubble mamia ->
  • Bitcoin should crash soon off of this type of velocity going higher. It's def not sustainable $BCOIN ->
  • Who Will Head the Fed? It Doesn’t Matter link via @Digg ->
  • What It's Like to Fail link via @priceonomics ->
  • Google Earth Intros Tour Builder, A Cooler Way to Tell Stories [VIDEO] link via @mashable ->
  • NEW POST: Silver Update 11/6/13 Financial Fantasies link ->
  • Bitcoin $645? Yeah, That’s Totally Reasonable link via @techcrunch ->
  • How Strong Is Global Gold Demand? link via @wallstCS ->
  • I hope bitcoins become worth more than an ounce of gold because that will make a lot of sense $GLD ->
  • “The New "Cash On the Sidelines" Story – Mike Swanson (11/18/2013)” link ->
  • NEW POST: Tweets, Headlines, and Charts for 2013-11-17 link ->
  • Biggest 2013 ETF Launches Tell New Tales link ->
  • “The Weekend Trend Trading System” via @digg link ->

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