Tweets, Headlines, and Charts for 2014-01-21

  • NEW POST: We have a big economic crisis coming – Peter Schiff ->
  • NEW POST: Chinese Yuan will compete with US Dollar soon – Peter Spina Interview ->
  • I'm sorry but whoever is selling gold and silver at the end of this bear market is either a suppressor or a moron $GLD $SLV ->
  • “Homebuilders are on ‘False Breakout’ Watch” via @digg ->
  • INSTITUTIONAL BUYING: The Coming Silver Game Changer ->
  • Dollar Daze | Brian Pretti CFA | FINANCIAL SENSE: ->
  • Volume coming into $GDXJ continues to be massive ->
  • “It’s When the Patterns Don’t Work” via @digg ->
  • Gold stocks are shaking off the pullback in metals exceptionally well, uranium stocks continue to take volume $GDX $URA ->

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