Tweets, Headlines, and Charts for 2014-04-29

Tweets, Headlines, and Charts for 2014-04-28

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  • RT @RyanDetrick: Remember, last yr was one of the most boring yrs ever in terms of volatility. A lot of volatility usually isn't the sign o… ->
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  • Wonder if $BAC will get mauled next, I heard nothing but good things about that bank like $LNKD and $FEYE and they've been crushed ->
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  • Tech stocks just continue to get obliterated, I used to hear nothing but bullishness on these two $LNKD and $FEYE ->
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  • Stage Analysis Report – ->

Stage Analysis Report

Volatility is greatest at turning points, diminishing as a new trend becomes established – George Soros

More weakness in the markets last week contributed to the Russell 2000 (IWM) and Nasdaq 100 (QQQ) transitioning into a Stage 3.  Tech continued to get clobbered at the end of the week last week as AMZN, P, NFLX, and many other popular tech stock were sold aggressively.  NFLX was particularly interesting as it initially gapped higher after earnings.  Then the next day and for the rest of the week it was sold hard and now is sitting below its 200dma, along with a number of other tech stocks.

Even with the selling on Thursday and Friday the VIX is still sitting at levels comfortably below the January pullback in the markets.  I’d like to see the VIX make new highs for the year and possibly spike above 25 to be more confident of an intermediate bottom in the markets.  Until then I think the market is going to continue to be vulnerable to more selling, especially as we enter a seasonally weak time of year.

Gold had a key reversal on Wednesday on above average volume that may have been an important turning point.  Silver followed suit and closed the week with three days in a row of above average volume.  Gold and mining stocks aren’t far from getting back above their 200dmas so the next couple weeks should be interesting to see if the uptrends from earlier in the year can resume.

Agriculture commodities continue to act strong, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see them take longer to digest their gains.  Energy was the only major sector that really strengthened last week.  Energy typically leads late in the economic cycle so some people are saying it’s another sign that the market is putting in a major top overall.  The fact that money is seeking safety in bonds would also lend credence to that idea. Continue reading “Stage Analysis Report”

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    1 Laugh.
    2 Read.
    3 Say please.
    4 Floss.
    5 Doubt.
    6 Exercise.
    7 Learn.
    8 Don't hate.
    9 Cut the … ->

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  • This crazytown volatility reminds me of 2008 which reminds me to stay away $STUDY ->
  • Pandora checked into the smackdown hotel too…you can do your shopping while listening to Pandora $P $AMZN ->
  • Peter Schiff: Reckless Fed may push gold to $5,000 ->
  • RT @allstarcharts: "I don't know" is a very acceptable answer. Why are people so scared to use that response? ->
  • Amazon getting checked into the smackdown hotel this morning $AMZN ->
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Tweets, Headlines, and Charts for 2014-04-24

  • RT @RyanDetrick: $AAPL gained $37B in market cap today. Or more than $YHOO, $ADBE, $GIS, $YUM, and $DE are worth. ->
  • Looney tunes action in the markets today…instead of trading with bugs bunny I'd rather watch $STUDY ->
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  • This pissing match between Putin and Obama over Ukraine needs to stop..if only Dr. Paul was Prez we wouldn't be entangled in this nonsense ->
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  • Gold just went en fuego not sure what's happening $GLD ->
  • RT @MWellerFX: The human side of every person is the greatest enemy of the average speculator" – Jesse Livermore #TradingQOTD ->
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