Tweets, Headlines, and Charts for 2014-04-04

  • RT @allstarcharts: "the secular bill market in gold is over" – John Murphy $GC_F $GLD @MarketTechAssoc #mta2014 ->
  • Guess Which Body Part Hurts The Most When Stung By A Bee ->
  • If you're hearing a buzzing sound that's the printing presses at the federal reserve getting fired up $UUP ->
  • @sjcapital To be clear I don't track them close enough to know how bad they've been if that's the case in reply to sjcapital ->
  • @sjcapital more for entertainment purposes 🙂 I do like their system but like any system will experience whipsaws, uncertainty, etc in reply to sjcapital ->
  • BREAKING NEWS: Sell in May starts April 4th…more to follow 🙂 ->
  • Should be interesting what IBD does…they went from market in correction to confirmed uptrend this week…prob go to under pressure ->
  • Yelp is down like 35% in a month or so $YELP ->
  • Coal rallying again but it has also had a million false rallies $KOL ->
  • RT @AndrewThrasher: .@allstarcharts Is teaching Louise Yamada about twitter. Pretty cool! cc:
    @ppearlman $$ ->
  • Pretty amazing how the gold market is devoid of bulls…not one talking head on tv will dare utter a bullish gold comment $GLD ->
  • For Everyone Who Thinks Facebook Is Destroying Their Business, Here Is The Truth ->
  • LOL…wait gold is beating stocks this year 🙂 Have Precious Metals Seen Their 2014 Peak? ->
  • High P/E tech bubble stocks and biotech are getting butchered this week ->
  • $IWM has made some lower highs too along with $QQQ…keeping an eye on this divergence between Dow and S&P 500 ->
  • “"A fool and his money are lucky enough to get together in the first place." –Stanley Weiser,…” ->
  • “In Search of Affordability” ->
  • NEW POST: Tweets, Headlines, and Charts for 2014-04-03 ->
  • RT @allstarcharts: overheard at the #MTA2014 symposium, "honey I'm at a technical analysis event, I promise" ->
  • The One History Lesson Every Bitcoin Fanatic Should Know via @Digg ->

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