Tweets, Headlines, and Charts for 2014-04-10

  • RT @ILLUMlNATI: Need money for college. Need college for a job. Need a job for money. Who was the mastermind behind this genius system? ->
  • Remember sell in May and go away started April 4th 🙂 ->
  • Don’t Read Anything Else But This ->
  • RT @allstarcharts: So if we don't know "why" and we know we won't know for 3,6,9 months then why worry about it? Stop making things up. It'… ->
  • Most investors won't be able to tolerate a big pullback in overvalued US stocks and will sell the bottom because that always happens $QQQ ->
  • I think the bear market in the Canadian dollar may have terminated in March $FXC ->
  • Wall Street Pumpers Are Not Only On CNBC – Mike Swanson (04/10/2014) via @tradermike_1999 ->
  • March Was A Historic Month For Food Inflation via @Markets ->
  • $PALL – #stockcharts palladium stalking a potential breakout ->
  • NEW POST: Tweets, Headlines, and Charts for 2014-04-09 ->

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