Tweets, Headlines, and Charts for 2014-05-06

  • RT @jimmykimmel: that was the best MVP speech ever – congratulations Kevin Durant @KDTrey5 ->
  • Lol twitter lockup expires and the sell the day lights out of it look at that epic volume $TWTR ->
  • Looks like somebody is reading my website! Dennis Gartman: This could be 'the next big trade' ->
  • The “Stock Market” Does Not Owe You Anything ->
  • DAVID EINHORN: I Had Dinner With Bernanke And What He Said Was 'Sort Of Frightening' via @Wall Street ->
  • Look at Brazil continuing to power higher yet I bet on CNBC Fast Money tonight some moron will talk about bottom fishing Twitter $EWZ ->
  • Money fleeing stocks is either going to go into commodities, bonds, or into cash but if the dollar keeps falling gold looks good $GLD ->
  • There's plenty of traders on CNBC who will try and bottom fish these stocks while they are in a Stage 4 and just get crushed ->
  • Wonder if we'll see 2008 style collapses in these internet stocks no profits isn't good $GIN ->
  • RT @hblodget: One of my favorite BI splashes ever [takes a moment] ->
  • This Letter From A San Francisco Landlord Is A Completely Depressing Glimpse Into The State Of Local Rental Market ->
  • RT @ReformedBroker: $TWTR down 7% as lockup period expires.

    Insiders regurgitating shares into the market's mouth like a mama bird. ->

  • RT @allstarcharts: the market is not here for you. It's here to offer liquidity for corporations. Don't confuse the two. The stock market o… ->
  • With financials falling the market gets more dangerous $XLF ->
  • What is a $108 million project worth? ->
  • $ATHN is down like 50% in 2 months, getting short here seems like a bad idea even with Einhorn at your back ->
  • RT @RyanDetrick: "A lot of times you look at the fundamentals and they show you one hand… but in reality there are two hands." Paul Tudor… ->
  • RT @allstarcharts: Citigroup is another great one. Nice year-long topping pattern in $C – looks like this one heading a lot lower too. Perm… ->
  • I bet twitter becomes a single digit stock at some point $TWTR ->
  • Energy Stocks Break Out vs Financials ->
  • NEW POST: Tweets, Headlines, and Charts for 2014-05-05 ->

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