Tweets, Headlines, and Charts for 2014-06-28

Stage Analysis Report

The markets continued to grind higher last week and defy the bears.  So far sell in May and go away has not come true at all this year as May and June have been strong months for most sectors in the market.  I saw a lot of bearish articles about the GoPro IPO and it was probably fitting the stock has been up big for two days now since the IPO.

On the Stage Analysis table the biggest changes were another Stage 1 setup forming in the precious metals sector.  Many mining stocks are looking very strong technically and I’ve covered some of them in some recent articles.  Even though the broad markets are higher again this year some of the biggest gains are coming in these beaten down sectors like precious metals miners and coffee that was up big earlier in the year.

So it pays to get positioned in bull markets early even though many people are trying to get in the general markets and ride that bull market that is more mature and where a lot of complacency and greed is setting in.

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Tweets, Headlines, and Charts for 2014-06-27

Tweets, Headlines, and Charts for 2014-06-26

Coffee Provides Another Entry Point

Coffee is one of the best performing markets this year.  After a huge breakout it’s pulled back for multiple months now and sits right above the 30 week EMA.  This is classic Weinstein Stage 2 action where a pullback to the 30 week EMA provides the second entry point after the breakout.  Look for another increase in volume to kick off another leg higher.Visit to see more great charts.