Camera On A Stick, Or Coal?

GoPro and coal have nothing to do with one another.  But I think they are about as far at the opposite end of sentiment and valuation spectrums as you can get.  GoPro (camera on a stick) is a cool device but is it worth more than most of the major U.S. coal producing companies, combined?  You can add up the market capitalization of Alpha Natural, Arch Coal, Walter Energy and combined it is much less than GoPro by itself.  When I think about how the market can hate one sector and punish it to oblivion and fall in love with another sector and bid stocks up to insane valuations based on pipe dreams it makes the efficient market hypothesis possibly the dumbest and most hilariously wrong theory ever invented.  But that makes it fun to trade against people that are confused into believing markets are actually efficient.  Getting back to coal though coal is still in a Stage 1 base, having produced multiple fake breakouts on the way down.  The current base is the biggest one yet though and it looks like coal stocks have finally hit a trough from which eventually they will get out of, and probably in a big way.  But you still have to wait for a clean Stage 2 breakout and see a pickup in volume to have the possibility of a real Stage 2 uptrend.  I’m still watching coal stocks for the eventual turnaround even though most people would rather watch camera on a stick.
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