Bull Bear Report

Here’s the latest bull bear report detailing the trend following system that I outlined in the last bull bear report.  I will release this report every month since the data will change with each new monthly data point.  As we can see from this report the Euro and the Swiss Franc have moved back into bear markets.  I will say that both the Euro and the Swiss Franc have been in multi-year choppy bear markets so I would take this new signal as just a continuation of their choppy bear markets.

Other than that the equity bull markets and commodity bear markets continue.  The bear market in copper is now over 3 years old if you go back to the early 2011 top in copper.  If you look at a chart of copper though you’ll see a tight consolidation range that I think could produce an end to this bear market in copper that is getting late in the tooth.  I’m interested to see if commodities will hold up in September and if they do I think the recent damage was just a retest of the bottom.

Bull Markets

Ticker Months Chart
SHY 134 Chart
LQD 65 Chart
XRT 62 Chart
QQQ 61 Chart
XLK 61 Chart
IBB 61 Chart
XLY 60 Chart
XLP 60 Chart
SMH 60 Chart
DIA 59 Chart
XLV 59 Chart
SPY 58 Chart
IWM 58 Chart
IYT 58 Chart
XLI 58 Chart
IYR 57 Chart
XLU 55 Chart
XLE 48 Chart
XHB 34 Chart
XLB 33 Chart
IYZ 32 Chart
XLF 31 Chart
PALL 22 Chart
OIL 14 Chart
FXB 12 Chart
EEM 6 Chart
JO 6 Chart
IEF 5 Chart
TLT 5 Chart


Bear Markets

Ticker Months Chart
JJC 36 Chart
GDXJ 34 Chart
GDX 31 Chart
CANE 24 Chart
FXY 23 Chart
SLV 22 Chart
PPLT 20 Chart
WEAT 20 Chart
SIL 20 Chart
FXC 20 Chart
GLD 19 Chart
CORN 18 Chart
FXA 17 Chart
UUP 13 Chart
GCC 3 Chart
SOYB 2 Chart
FXE 1 Chart
FXF 1 Chart


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