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  • RT @TheDailyGold: CEF Discount to NAV is 8.8%…marks 13-year low $CEF $SLV
  • Market Tops Take Time Form via @Digg
  • NEW POST: Tax Loss Liquidation Hits Gold Stocks
  • Gold stocks chart action, history in the making via @Digg
  • RT @allstarcharts: the biggest thing going on today in my opinion is the lack of strength in the US Dollar Index while precious metals get …
  • Theres some monster future dividend streams in the miners being given away by scaredy cats right now pretty sweet $GDX
  • I can buy 40 chipotle steak burritos with a bitcoin but if silver falls much lower I can't even buy 2 steak burritos with an ounce $SLV
  • Mark Cuban Explains How The Stock Market Works – Mike Swanson (10/30/2014) via @tradermike_1999
  • I like people who warn you to not be long 3+ years into a bear market. That's good timing $GLD
  • @allstarcharts Doesn't seem like there's many Bulls left and mostly I told you so bears conveniently at the bottom lol in reply to allstarcharts
  • Silver is getting close to costing less than going out to lunch seems like a good trade $SLV
  • I paid over $10 for a burrito and a soft drink from Qdoba the other day hence I have a hard time believing in deflation $STUDY
  • “Stocks Most Overbought in Over a Year”
  • Barrick Shares Reach Lowest Level since 2003 – Was Today’s Sell-off an Overreaction? | CEO.CA
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Tax Loss Liquidation Hits Gold Stocks

Gold stocks have been absolutely obliterated the past 3.5 months.  What’s interesting though is the high volume reversal that occurred in early October was completely negated and instead we are ending October with what appears to be forced liquidation.  The reason I can say that is this is only occurring in gold stocks, there isn’t a liquidation occurring in any of the other commodity sectors or in commodities themselves.

Mutual fund tax loss selling ends October 31, so my guess is they are being forced to realize losses in unfavorable conditions and it’s exacerbating what would normally take place.  GDXJ and GDX both set volume records today and many gold stocks were sold off on huge volume.


You have stocks like SAND that are down 62% in 3.5 months, that’s pretty incredible given the fact gold is off just $80 in the same time period.  I’m expecting a huge reversal in many of these stocks soon after these funds are forced to liquidate here at the bottom.  This is a tremendous opportunity that doesn’t come around very often.



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