Bull Bear Report

With new monthly price data it’s time for another Bull Bear Report.  This system is a simple moving average crossover system that determines when markets are in bull or bear markets.  The duration of the crossover determines how many months a market is in bull or bear configuration.

Not much changed this past month, the dollar has broken out into a new bull market and most commodities are still in bear markets.  The stock market is starting to show significant signs of weakness though so I wouldn’t be surprised if this report changes drastically over the next 5-6 months.  Stay tuned.

Bull Markets

Ticker Months Chart
SHY 135 Chart
LQD 66 Chart
XRT 63 Chart
QQQ 62 Chart
XLK 62 Chart
IBB 62 Chart
XLY 61 Chart
XLP 61 Chart
SMH 61 Chart
DIA 60 Chart
XLV 60 Chart
SPY 59 Chart
IWM 59 Chart
IYT 59 Chart
XLI 59 Chart
IYR 58 Chart
XLU 56 Chart
XLE 49 Chart
XHB 35 Chart
XLB 34 Chart
IYZ 33 Chart
XLF 32 Chart
PALL 23 Chart
FXB 13 Chart
EEM 7 Chart
JO 7 Chart
IEF 6 Chart
TLT 6 Chart
UUP 2 Chart


Bear Markets

Ticker Months Chart
JJC 37 Chart
GDXJ 35 Chart
GDX 32 Chart
CANE 25 Chart
FXY 24 Chart
SLV 23 Chart
PPLT 21 Chart
WEAT 21 Chart
SIL 21 Chart
FXC 21 Chart
GLD 20 Chart
CORN 19 Chart
FXA 18 Chart
GCC 4 Chart
SOYB 3 Chart
FXE 2 Chart
FXF 2 Chart
OIL 1 Chart


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