Tweets, Headlines, and Charts for 2014-10-31

  • Many pros don't have the luxury of strategic trading thus they get forced out of markets like what just happened in gold $GLD
  • I'd rather sit through a little volatility, which honestly should be planned for and accepted, then whipsaw myself to death being right
  • Thinking you have to be 100% right all the time as a trader is faulty in my opinion. Act incrementally and you can handle volatility
  • @Davidharwood63 or buy it in Rubles I believe gold is at new highs in Rubles now. Only a matter of time against other currencies in reply to Davidharwood63
  • Malcolm Gladwell On Self-Confidence
  • As a side note it's pretty awesome when a market forces the pros to sell out doesn't happen often so enjoy its beauty $GLD
  • I'm floored a "top" gold writer liquidated a portfolio at these prices but if he's only 25 probably hasn't experienced a meltdown yet $GLD
  • Not sure how liquidating a portfolio at the bottom "protects" people but this is what the "pros" are doing in gold. Indiscriminate selling
  • Top German letter writer dumps all junior golds | CEO.CA
  • Dollar strength having virtually no effect on other commodities besides gold and silver $GLD $SLV
  • If you're long term oriented this is an unbelievable opportunity in the metals $GLD $SLV. Take advantage of hedge fund vomit
  • American spending weakest in 8 months, savings jump
  • Looks like funds who haven't sold their gold yet by Oct 31 are gonna sell into this holocaust today lol $GLD
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