Tweets, Headlines, and Charts for 2014-11-05

  • NEW POST: Game Plan For Gold
  • Gold Miners Have Come Full Circle
  • RT @JEMMRemodeling: Aden Sisters lowering their metals position from 20% to 10%…..I smell fear from metal investors….
  • Arguably the best silver asset in the world
  • GLD Has Broken Down, Now What?
  • Proof That Gold Is Manipulated Using Paper Gold
  • Elon Musk: 'People Don't Understand How Hard It Is To Manufacture Something'
  • Decided to hold off on purchasing miners today since it looks like a big puke is still coming $GDX
  • It's pretty funny $AMZN has zero margin for years yet investors bid the stock up. When gold miners get zero margin they get crushed $GDX
  • Just read somewhere the Aden Sisters are now saying sell gold…amazing how bear markets force permabulls to capitulate at the bottom
  • Silver lining in precious metals' rout catches out coin mints
  • Because Nothing Says "Best Execution" Like Dumping $1.5 Billion In Gold Futures At 0030ET | Zero Hedge
  • Precious Metals Drop, With $1.5 Billion Wiped From Funds – Bloomberg
  • Technical Analysis Archives – Zerodha Varsity: Zerodha Varsity
  • On the phenomenon of bullshit jobs – David Graeber
  • 100 Young Entrepreneurs sat in a room
  • Going to add some gold stocks today at these ridiculous prices. Thanks leveraged funds $GDXJ
  • Prob cause Main Street recognizes the inflation that Wall Street pretends doesn't exist
  • Main street seems to disagree with Wall Street on the state of the economy by voting out the encumbents $GLD
  • Hedge funds continue to get forced out of their metals positions right at the bottom $GLD
  • RT @BMTrader: @allstarcharts metal sentiment 100-0 bears to bulls
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