Tweets, Headlines, and Charts for 2014-11-07

  • Gold Miners: What A Disaster This Investment Has Been
  • “Gold’s 3% Rally Sets Stage for Important Week Ahead”
  • “The Two Most Important Fundamentals for Gold”
  • Uranium ETF Recharges as Japan Opens Nuclear Plants – Yahoo Finance
  • Some uranium stocks are up big today and I think there's a potential bottom forming in the uranium price $U.TO
  • I think the theme song of anyone selling gold stocks down here is "Dare to be Stupid" by Weird Al Yankovic $GDX
  • Can Gold Regain Its Gleam? | The Felder Report
  • How Many Rats Are There In NYC?
  • Gold miners are cutting costs at the same time gold is going to start rising…that's a recipe for explosive gains going forward $GDX
  • Just bought some SIL. Going to average in on some other miners at these great prices over time. Thanks again for capitulating $GDXJ
  • Starting to think we just saw the bottom in gold miners prices down here are pretty stupid. But if they want to puke more so be it $GDX
  • Silver Price Extremes! |
  • Close to the Bottom but Not There Yet
  • Gold Bug Psychology Must be Neutered
  • RT @allstarcharts: @alextarhini_ remember this barrons cover summer 2012? euro bottomed a week later. It was perfect
  • Gold and silver spiked after the jobs report then got mashed back down like a potato $GLD
  • Nov 7, 2014 The Swiss Gold Initiative and why it may affect gold prices Bob Kirtley 321gold
  • NEW POST: Tweets, Headlines, and Charts for 2014-11-06
  • Gold firms plan drastic cuts as bullion sinks

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