Tweets, Headlines, and Charts for 2014-12-02

  • Listening to CNBC gives me such a warm feeling of amusement sometimes. Especially when bubbles are blowing funning things are said
  • No inflation they say: Increases from 2007 rent up by 27 percent, food up 12 percent, health insurance 42 percent.
  • Nothing Lasts Forever: Check Your Recency Bias via @sharethis
  • 24/192 Music Downloads are Very Silly Indeed
  • Behavioral Biases All Investors Should Be Aware Of | CEO.CA
  • With A Bull Market Like This, You Don’t Need A Bear Market via @Digg
  • Ex-Google worker says company 'f***ed up'
  • Wondering if commodity funds are still liquidating their mining stocks pretty big distortion between metals and miners today $GDX
  • RT @maureenmfarrell: If oil prices fall and stay below $65 per barrel, JPM estimates that 40% of high-yield energy bonds could default. htt…
  • RT @goldseek: US debt = $18+ trillion. If US still owns several k tons of gold, its worth ~$1/4 Trillion, that is just ~1/2-year of interes…
  • Black Friday Revealed How Poor Americans Really Are
  • Gold And Commodities – Sell The Rumor, Buy The News
  • RT @TBPInvictus: Great observation by Jeff Hirsch: We have not had a down pre-presidential election year since 1939. Avg $SPX gain is 17%.
  • Deutsche Bank Sees Risk Of Apple iPhone's 'Sharp Production Cuts' via @YahooFinance
  • This bearish indicator just neared its precrash high via @YahooFinance
  • Little Guy Piling Into US Stock ETF's – Mike Swanson (12/02/2014) |
  • What Does the End of QE3 Really Mean?
  • Make it a lump of gold for Christmas – MarketWatch
  • Whenever you can put yourself out of your comfort zone when making a trade you're probably doing the right thing $STUDY
  • Will probably nibble on some mining stocks today $GDXJ
  • Call me dummy: If the stock market falls 1%+ on a FAKE tweet, what does that mean when something serious happens?
  • Dec 2, 2014 Why Gold Made A Bullish Reversal After Swiss Voted No On Gold Referendum Jeb Handwerger 321gold . . . Inc
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