Tweets, Headlines, and Charts for 2014-12-12

  • We Spoke To The First Owner Of Tesla’s New Car — Here's What He Had To Say
  • Is Inflation Over Sold?
  • Funny how everyone is now an expert on oil and it's going much lower. Same people that were completely wrong on oil going higher
  • Robert Rapier: Bottom Coming Soon in Oil?
  • SPX Topping Valuations 4 –
  • CNBC should start a segment called "Look who's blowing up" related to this crude oil collapse and margin calls…I'd watch that
  • Consumer Sentiment in U.S. Rises to Almost Eight-Year High – Bloomberg
  • “Podcast – David Skarica On The Return Of Market Volatility – Mike Swanson (12/12/2014)”
  • “The five best Wall Street trades of 2014 – Quartz”
  • RT @Ralph_Acampora: IBM broke support – now trading at a level not seen since Aug. 2011. Major trend is down. Next critical support is at 1…
  • Some gold and silver stocks acting great today. Can tell this bear is old $GLD
  • RT @MebFaber: Only 3 other times GSCI has declined > 5 months in a row. Returns 3 years later after 1st up month
    1981, 18%
    1998, 65%
    2008, …
  • RT @MebFaber: 1989 Japan
    > 40% of world market cap, but <10% of GDP (5% now)

    2014 US
    ~50% of world market cap but only 20% of GDP

  • RT @TheDailyGold: "Gold beaten senseless this year" says @JeffMacke when Gold is actually up YTD. $GC_F #GLD #gold @ritholtz
  • Gold Stocks During An Equity Bear Market
  • Rouble Is Tanking Again Despite Central Bank Rate Hike
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