Tweets, Headlines, and Charts for 2015-01-15

  • 2 FX Brokers Suffer "Significant Losses" After SNB Surprise, "In Breach Of Regulatory Capital Requirements"
  • Today should prove that gold is a currency.
  • Swiss Bank Move Angers Cramer – Mike Swanson (01/15/2015) via @tradermike_1999
  • NEW POST: Gold's Biggest Breakout Since 2012
  • Bottom in Place for Gold
  • Why the Consensus Bearish View on Gold is Misplaced
  • The lazy man’s guide to fasting
  • RT @TheDailyGold: Gold in Euro & Foreign Currency Terms now at 20-month high.
  • The 10th Man: Hi, I’m Charles Evans, and Welcome to Jackass
  • The US Economy Is So Bad… Even Lottery Sales Are Collapsing | Zero Hedge
  • @allstarcharts john Paulson turned averaging a losing position against the housing bubble into the biggest trade ever in reply to allstarcharts
  • RT @allstarcharts: wow the fed fund futures are now just pricing in a 56% chance of a rate hike at the late October meeting (down from 84% …
  • According to Finviz GLD is doing 4 times its average daily volume so it would have its biggest day in years if this pace keeps up
  • GLD is at half of its average daily volume 45 minutes into the trading session…that's big buying so far $GLD
  • Gold on dollars now back above 200dma. Gold in foreign currencies in new bull market potentially $GLD
  • For a fun look at bubble hysteria Google "Bitcoin November 2013" $BCOIN
  • RT @NDR_Research: #Energy has another down leg 2 months before major #oil bottoms (vs. S&P), and flat returns a year from oil low. http://t…
  • Smart Money Is Buying Gold Miners As Gold Shows Unnoticed Strengths
  • Bitcoin Has Been Getting Obliterated – Businessweek via @BW
  • So the market should go up now when crude oil goes up? The headlines from financial journalists are laughable
  • RT @PeterSchiff: Weekly jobless claims unexpectedly surge by 316,000, the biggest jump in 4 months. The trend of rising claims means unemp…
  • Death and Taxes 2015
  • The leverage the gold miners start unlocking with gold rising is tremendous at these valuations. Shares should explode higher $GDX
  • SCB Action Boosts Gold Prices – Mike Swanson (01/15/2015) via @tradermike_1999
  • RT @PeterSchiff: The best Way to rent a house — buy using a 3% down mortgage, make no payments and live in the house for 2 – 3 years until…
  • RT @MebFaber: Before and after carnage of a bubble. Maybe now speculators out a viable technology emerges? http://…

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