Tweets, Headlines, and Charts for 2015-08-06

  • All 3 toppy or in downtrend…SNB Boosts Stake in Apple in $37.5 Billion U.S. Portfolio via @business
  • RT @DavidSkarica: @business why not talk about the Swiss national banks loss after buying apple north of 130
  • RT @andrewunknown: So Birinyi's entire premise for $SPX 3200 in 2017 is the arbitrary imposition of the 1990's bull as an analog? This gets…
  • Gold stocks represent extreme value and a place for big money to rotate into as the herd flees overvalued stocks. Markets cycle
  • Only SPY and QQQ are still in Stage 2 Stage Analysis Screener
  • Media stocks are all getting destroyed FOX, VIA, CBS, DIS
  • RT @NickatFP: Historically, when the US has raised rates the dollar has stopped appreciating
  • Wondering if gold could gap up $50 on the jobs numbers tomorrow and just obliterate the shorts. A big player with guys could smash them
  • TSLA, DIS, AAPL, all growth stocks where herd investors have herded have big gap downs now and sellers may have control. Not good for bulls
  • Pessimism dripping from this article…Jobs report could see gold test $1,000 level – MarketWatch
  • Disney, the stock that could never do wrong, is going down $DIS
  • The Revenue Recession

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