Tweets, Headlines, and Charts for 2015-08-07

  • Wow small specs are more short gold now than commercial traders who produce gold and sell it to hedge production! $GLD
  • @jessefelder wonder when he's going to throw in the towel on $IBM. Looks like a bear market to me in reply to jessefelder
  • The Warren Buffett Way To Avoiding Major Bear Markets | The Felder Report
  • A next great disintegration of wealth will be when Apple holders hold onto the inevitable future Stage 4 decline in $AAPL
  • The Next Silver Bull May Have Already Started |
  • Great commentary on market cycles in history
  • RT @PeterSchiff: Dow Jones down 125 points, almost 6% below its record high hit in mid-May. How much lower will it fall before the Fed bli…
  • “There’s no money going into commodities,” said Christoph Eibl, Tiberius Asset Management AG, which has $1 billion in commodity investments.
  • The Commodity Slump Is Killing Hedge Funds via @YahooFinance
  • Shorts seem to be covering in the gold market instead of pressing a good jobs report. Maybe they are finally out of ammo $GLD
  • RT @PeterSchiff: As July's jobs report was no "better" then many previous reports that did not prompt the Fed to raise rates, why would the…
  • RT @Convertbond: It's not the 1990s, US plays a smaller role than EVER

    US GDP $17.5B
    World GDP $78B

    22% vs 53% in the 90s…

  • RT @jessefelder: @JFinDallas "You'd have to be a fool to short this market." -Gartman 7/17/15
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