Tweets, Headlines, and Charts for 2015-08-24

  • Metals got dragged down with commodities selling today but more importantly the dollar is now below 30 week moving average $UUP
  • Lol…White House: Obama briefed on markets turmoil, mindful of potential 'self-inflicted' wounds
  • RT @ivanhoff: "Markets have consistently experienced once in a 100-year events every five years" – Paul Tudor Jones
  • Wouldn't be surprised if this is like August 2007 where we make another new high in the indexes after this mini crash $SPX
  • RT @allstarcharts: epic failed breakdown in Yen or what?

    $6J_F $USDJPY

  • The best time to short is above the 30 week moving average in a downtrend when the Bulls think the worst is over. Not at panic lows
  • As long as the dollar remains in
    stage 4 now all these gold shorts are just lemmings waiting to get obliterated $GLD
  • RT @SoberLook: Hearing rumors of a bunch of sizeable hedge funds forced to unwind position to meet margin calls. Deleveraging is on.
  • RT @jessefelder: There's one group of traders that still believes in September:
  • Lol lol….Amid carnage, strategists predict bounce; 'go all in’
  • RT @MktOutperform: Odds of a Sep rate hike down to 24% (from 50% last week). Fed is data dependent, and by data they mean the S&P 500. http…
  • RT @MktOutperform: New multi-year lows around the world in Emerging Market currencies.
  • Bear markets create fantastic opportunities. The gold bear just created one and hopefully stocks get crushed so another opportunity arises
  • Let's see if silver goes green by the close I bet it might $SLV
  • Currency bear markets against the dollar are reversing in amazing fashion. Look
    At the yen $FXY
  • RT @JBoorman: @MktOutperform '08 was bear not crash, '29 was crash, ppl forget it then rallied 50% for 6mos before real 86% bear took place…
  • Wow the dollar bubble is in a full on crash $UUP. If they close the stock market look for the momos to pile into currency markets
  • If you're confused about what to do adopt a strategy like Stage Analysis to have a plan for trading/investing
  • Euro acting as the safe haven right now $FXE
  • U.S. Dollar is getting wrecked. Bear market begins with everyone bullish? $UUP
  • Lots of holding firm, little panic—Survey
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