Tweets, Headlines, and Charts for 2015-09-01

  • Why now is a terrible time to short the stock market…Tactics For Shorting The Stock Market
  • NEW POST: Tactics For Shorting The Stock Market
  • RT @361Capital: Lg Cap All-Time High list = ZERO stocks. Must dig down to $2.6b mkt cap $ENR to find the Energizer Bunny which made a post-…
  • RT @MktOutperform: S&P 500: 497 stocks down today. With data going back to 1996, hit 500 only once: August 8, 2011. $SPX…
  • Interesting in how quickly it may have happened but I think we already had the 30 week MA retest and fail $SPY
  • The Mark Of A Bear (Market) | Zero Hedge
  • Getting close to not having any stock sectors with more than 50% in an uptrend Stage Analysis Screener
  • RT @allstarcharts: Got it, so yesterday the market was not in a correction anymore but today it is again. Ok that makes perfect sense.
  • RT @MktOutperform: Living in the Outlier. New Post.
  • If you have a system like Stage Analysis you just do nothing in this market and let the people without a system flail around
  • RT @GregGuenthner: I gotta say, getting through the charts of new highs is a breeze in this market…
  • RT @KeithMcCullough: Don't let mainstream tell you this selloff is only about "China" – here's how bad earnings were:
  • RT @MktOutperform: ISM Manufacturing, YoY: -12%, weakest of the expansion. Global slowdown not just a China issue.
  • RT @MktOutperform: China
    Exports YoY: -8.3%
    Imports YoY: -8.1%
    Home Prices YoY: -4.4%
    Manufacturing PMI: 49.7 (<50=contraction)
    GDP: +7% ht…
  • RT @MktOutperform: Ted spread following the '10/'11 script, showing increased stress in the credit markets. No V in those years. $TED http:…
  • RT @pdacosta: U.S. auto sales are set for their biggest year-over-year drop since the financial crisis.…
  • NEW POST: Tweets, Headlines, and Charts for 2015-08-31

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