Tweets, Headlines, and Charts for 2015-11-17

  • RT @RyanDetrick: $SLV about to be down 12 of 14 days. Since the ETF started trading in '07, happened twice. May '12 and Feb '10.
  • RT @jessefelder: Miners' positive divergence from gold: $GDX $GLD
  • RT @hmeisler: NYSE breadth worse today than Friday.
  • RT @RyanDetrick: Last time the $SPX had a 6-wk win streak end with a loss like last week? Mar '39. It dropped 18% next 4 wks. $SPY https…
  • RT @HedgeMind: $AAPL's popularity fell to lowly last place in the top 10 most popular stocks. It was most poplar stock in 14Q4, #2 at 15Q1,…
  • Recent Market Action Summarized In Four Words: "Institutions Selling, Retail Buying" | Zero Hedge
  • Shorting gold here is about as dumb as shorting the market in August…Tactics For Shorting The Stock Market
  • Most of Us Will Not Be Better off a Year from Now – Jim Rogers Interview
  • Seeing a consensus of dollar bull and gold bear articles now, and many crash predictions for gold. Especially from sources typically wrong.
  • RT @jessefelder: @petersonky11 Just range of past 5 years. Here's a longer-term range on a much better indicator. Buffett yardstick: https:…
  • RT @TheStalwart: There's been a surge of speculators' bullish bets on the dollar. via @NettyIsmail…
  • RT @vexmark: Buybacks & dividends as a percentage of net income
    2009 63%
    2010 66%
    2011 79%
    2012 91%
    2013 89%
    2014 105%
    2015 116% https://t.…
  • RT @vexmark: Among 1,900 firms that repurchased their shares since 2010, buybacks & dividends amounted to 113% of capex vs. 60% in 2000, an…
  • RT @Callum_Thomas: Consensus: US equities are very expensive vs rest of world…

    Agree, but interesting chart tho.

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