Tweets, Headlines, and Charts for 2015-11-20

  • RT @DavidSkarica: after todays announcement every penny of Net Income $NKE makes will go to dividends and buybacks , again this will not en…
  • RT @HedgeMind: $TSLA A chart worths a thousand words: % hedgies holding stock trending to the lowest. James Davidson only new buyer https:/…
  • RT @MktOutperform: Bloomberg IPO Index peaked a year ago.
  • RT @MktOutperform: .@awealthofcs Same tweet, end of '07…
    Vanguard PM & Mining Fund:
    01: +18%
    02: +33%
    03: +59%
    04: +8%
    05: +44%
    06: +34%
  • RT @EquityClock: S&P 500 Index has gained 68% of the time during US Thanksgiving week, averaging a return of 0.72%.…
  • What the heck? U.S. Public Debt up $518 billion in November alone: U.S. debt ceiling made of toilet paper.
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