Tweets, Headlines, and Charts for 2015-12-09

  • RT @breakpointrades: $GOOGL follow up, posted earlier, nice breakdown along with the market as well, however was acting weak prior https://…
  • RT @EdBorgato: Elon Musk: We track 60 efforts around the world to improve batteries, we rate them 1-5 (1=BS 5=we shld do biz w/ them). None…
  • For a good example of how stealthily markets top check out my dollar video from March. Everyone was a dollar super bull back then $UUP
  • Bull Market Top In For The U.S. Dollar?
  • Why You Might Want Coal in Your Stocking This Year – Bloomberg Business
  • RT @MebFaber: In the last 12 months of bull markets since WWII, momentum beats value by about 12%.

    What's been working lately?

    ht @Leut

  • RT @MebFaber: S&P 500 median price/earnings and price/sales ratios higher than at the peaks in 2000 and 2007

    ht @NDR_Research

  • RT @jessefelder: "10-day put/call ratio on $GLD is the highest in its history." -@sentimentrader
  • RT @361Capital: Lg Cap All-Time High list falls to 11 stocks. Staples now >50% of the list. $XLP
  • RT @Not_Jim_Cramer: On Balance Volume Looks Great
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