Tweets, Headlines, and Charts for 2016-01-18

  • America's Cash Flow Negative Energy Companies Have $325 Billion In Debt Among Them
  • @selik73 for broadcasting-tv you can see 80% in stage 3 or 4. Thats not healthy. You want to buy sectors with majority in stage 2 in reply to selik73
  • @selik73 I'll have to think about that. Could be useful to list overall stage per sector. I go by the highest percent in my mind in reply to selik73
  • @selik73 if you go to the markets page I show a percent of stocks per sector in each stage. I don't list an overall stage per sector though in reply to selik73
  • @selik73 awesome! Much appreciated! in reply to selik73
  • @selik73 the broadcasting sectors are now in my screening tool
  • @selik73 market is definitely oversold here I have a video on YouTube that talks about short entries using stage analysis in reply to selik73
  • @selik73 I prefer to trade stage analysis since it's a precise system with rules vs. discretionary trading with no rules in reply to selik73
  • All major indexes except QQQ are in Stage 4 bear market so you should be on the sidelines Stage Analysis Screener

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