Tweets, Headlines, and Charts for 2016-02-12

  • Lol…Mark Cuban sparks 'berserk' bets on gold
  • @BTDStockTrader true that would be another good entry point retest of 30 week MA. I'm probably going to do a video on that this weekend in reply to BTDStockTrader
  • Wouldn't be surprised if gold's gap up yesterday was a runaway gap that won't be filled $GLD – #stockcharts
  • Gold stocks are popping up on the screener watchlist since they are breaking out in stage 2 Stage Analysis Screener
  • Gold stocks are reacting very well each time they dip. Buyers come in and push them even higher $GDX
  • RT @DavidSkarica: everyone says everyone is bearish, but everyone of the talking heads on TV are calling for a rally…
  • @selik73 haha that's harder though and generates more commissions and tax events. I'd rather go old turkey jesse Livermore style in reply to selik73
  • @selik73 actually I'd rather go long but you can only do what the market gives you. Long side right now is limited to bonds and gold in reply to selik73
  • @selik73 yeah I'd rather see this bear down leg end soon so we can consolidate and set up the next shorting opportunity in reply to selik73
  • @selik73 might be multiple weeks to months before we get another juicy shorting opportunity in reply to selik73
  • @selik73 structurally yes as long as we're in stage 4 it's a bear market. Shorter term I'd rather be short after a rally back to 30 week MA in reply to selik73
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