Sentiment and How To Trade Uranium’s New Bull Market

In this video I go over a great article that I found that perfectly describes sentiment in the uranium market after a major bear market. Next I discuss last week’s action in uranium miners which was indicative of a new Stage 2 bull market in uranium miners. Lastly I discuss what it takes to make big money in trading, and why it is hard for people to do that crave action in the markets and lack a certain trait.

The Big Trades of 2016

In this video I go over some of the big gaining sectors of 2016 and how they moved into Stage 2 bull markets during the year. Important lessons can be learned by studying past winning situations to prepare for new opportunities as they arise.

Uranium And Other Sectors On The Watchlist To Start 2017

In this video I discuss and show how bear markets produce phenomenal bull markets. In 2016 a number of bear markets ended in different sectors which produced big returns for the sectors that emerged from bear markets. Looking forward into 2017, uranium and a few other sectors could potentially follow the same pattern and emerge from bear markets.

For more information on the trend following system I use to analyze the markets check out my Stage Analysis page.