How Bull Markets Climb A Wall Of Worry In One Chart

In this video I take a look at the TD Ameritrade IMX which is meant to show investor sentiment based up real trading activity within TD Ameritrade accounts.  The interesting thing about this index is that it has shown how market volatility and corrections have a more significant impact on sentiment than rallies.  This provides a wall of worry that the bull market has climbed to make new highs while keeping sentiment from becoming too euphoric.

2 thoughts on “How Bull Markets Climb A Wall Of Worry In One Chart

  1. Thanks for sharing, great insight.

    To add to your great video. Apparently, Millenials are skeptical of the market stock and prefer to hold cash. On the other hand, boomers are spending their savings.

    This should explain why the IMI isn’t moving higher.

    What do you think?

    1. I think its another demonstration of the failure of the majority of people to make money in the markets because they are a victim of their own emotions. That’s why I like Stage Analysis or any trend following system because it removes the emotion. As far as boomers or millenials go I’m sure unless they educate themselves they will make the same mistakes any human will make when succumbing to emotions.

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