Trading Bitcoin and Ethereum Using Stage Analysis

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum have been the biggest trade of 2017.  In this video I take a look at Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and Litecoin from a Stage Analysis perspective.  Interestingly Bitcoin has been in a Stage 2 bull market ever since late 2015, but has only captured the attention of the media with its recent parabolic rise.  Cryptocurrencies are now dangerously extended from their 30-week moving average and I discuss why that’s a warning sign for disciplined traders.

Watching For A Big Move In Gold

Gold and gold stocks are setting up a basing formation that will eventually resolve into a big move higher or lower.  Sentiment in the gold market is bearish and the media is totally ignoring the gold market right now.  Seasonally gold tends to make a major bottom around the end of June and the start of July.  All that and more is discussed in the video below:

Full Audio Interview With Financial Sense On The Stage Analysis Screener

Here’s the full audio from the interview I did back in late May with Cris Sheridan of FinancialSense.  This is by far the most in-depth interview I’ve done on the Stage Analysis Screener.  I talk about how I use the screener for getting the current health and breadth of the market and finding top sectors using the screener.  We also go into how the market has evolved since early 2016 with different market sectors taking leadership as the market has moved higher.

I still plan on releasing some videos at some point on the Stage Analysis Screener as I’ve discussed that in the past and I’ve had many people e-mail me about that.  Thank you for your patience and for all the positive feedback I’ve received!