Groupon IPO: Deal Or No Deal?

Could Groupon be a colossal failure after it goes public?  Or is it going to be wildly successful?  There’s been some interesting articles written on the company recently which I’ve included links to below.  Besides the fact that they’re the biggest name in this business model right now, I’m not sure what is going to give them an advantage in the future over some of their upcoming competitors (Google, Facebook).

Groupon files for IPO

Groupon is Effectively Insolvent

Groupon: $20B? $30B? Questions, Questions

Groupon Chairman says company will be wildly profitable

Groupon IPO: Bad Love

Yes Andrew, anyone *can* start a Groupon

Groupon is a straight-up Ponzi scheme

Under the hood, Groupon is declining in Boston

GroupOn, insolvency, Ponzi schemes & why its not the next Amazon

Hey Groupon: Why the rush?

Groupon IPO: Pass On This Deal

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