Tweets, Headlines, and Charts for 2013-08-12

  • How Much EV Competition Does Tesla Have? – BAMXF, GM, TSLA – Foolish Blogging Network: via @themotleyfool ->
  • Now what would really be funny is if the silver shorts woke up again tomorrow, to some more pain….84 cents and counting $SLV ->
  • This recovery bounce in the gold sector is playing out like typical transitions into a new bull market with big initial gains $GDX $GDXJ ->
  • Feels like we might get a face ripper tomorrow in the metals $GLD $SLV ->
  • @CandlewoodAMgmt I like the way we keep closing at or near highs I think the shorts are on the run in reply to CandlewoodAMgmt ->
  • @CandlewoodAMgmt yes not overbought either, this market is just very overdue a big snapback in reply to CandlewoodAMgmt ->

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