Tweets, Headlines, and Charts for 2014-04-28

  • Does 2014 Equal 1937?? ->
  • RT @RyanDetrick: Remember, last yr was one of the most boring yrs ever in terms of volatility. A lot of volatility usually isn't the sign o… ->
  • Listen, Silver: We Need to Talk ->
  • Flight Out Of Financials; BAC Is Still A Fade ->
  • Apple being more conservative with their cash and not spending like a drunken sailor doesn't look so stupid now does it $AAPL ->
  • The comprehensive guide on why you will never retire living the way you do ->
  • Wonder if $BAC will get mauled next, I heard nothing but good things about that bank like $LNKD and $FEYE and they've been crushed ->
  • The Glass is Half Full, But Their is Some Shit in Your Drink – Be Careful! via @Digg ->
  • I wouldn't trust this market until the $VXO is over 25 or at least over the Jan highs ->
  • $AMZN getting close to erasing all its 2013 gains ->
  • Tech stocks just continue to get obliterated, I used to hear nothing but bullishness on these two $LNKD and $FEYE ->
  • RT @allstarcharts: last week someone asked me how I could possibly make investing decisions based on information from the past. What choice… ->
  • RT @TodayTrader: @allstarcharts How do wild animal trackers do their job? They follow footprints in the sand. Charts are footprints in the … ->
  • Here’s Why I Don’t Like Technology ->
  • “Can The RUT Break An 18 Year Old Record?” ->
  • Stage Analysis Report – ->

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