Tweets, Headlines, and Charts for 2014-05-30

  • 4 Reasons Gold Miners May be Poised for a Summer Rally ->
  • @watcher887 May/June often has gold bottoms so depends if the shorts want to play with that or cover and the longs have a base to work off in reply to watcher887 ->
  • I think we could be on day 2 of a new rally in mining stocks especially since everyone's petrified of the coil breakdown in metals $GDX ->
  • @allstarcharts SIL:SLV ratio well off the December low while silver at low..bullish divergence in reply to allstarcharts ->
  • @allstarcharts I think most people don't care about silver. Which is why the secular bull is still intact $SLV in reply to allstarcharts ->
  • RT @allstarcharts: For the record, June is seasonally the worst month of the year for Silver $SI_F $SLV in case the price action wasn't be… ->
  • Silver will trade higher than Twitter and Bitcoin in 3 years…bet no one would take that bet $SLV ->
  • Just read a stat that said 9 out of last 10 years a rally of 20-30 percent has occurred within months of May-June gold bottom $GLD ->
  • @allstarcharts I'll be looking forward to buying the puke show in reply to allstarcharts ->
  • Gas over $4 and silver under $19 lol…hedge your gas bill this summer with silver ->
  • “A Gold Miner Worth Watching” ->
  • Gold's Bear Market Update ->
  • NEW POST: Tweets, Headlines, and Charts for 2014-05-29 ->

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