Tweets, Headlines, and Charts for 2014-12-01

  • How Joe Kennedy Avoided The Stock Market Crash Of 1929 via @Digg
  • Back above the 50dma on volume $$GOLD – #stockcharts
  • Apple fell 6.4% Monday am. The commentators must find reasons. – Fortune
  • Gold shorts send metal to key $1,200
  • interesting headlines surrounding a "crash" in Apple..the herd of investors in that stock hasn't seen volatility in a while I guess $AAPL
  • RT @CEOTechnician: In equity land small caps (Russell 2k) continue to exhibit persistent relative weakness, don't let the Dow down 19 pts h…
  • RT @CEOTechnician: $80/ounce reversal in gold, $5/barrel reversal in crude oil, silver up 17% from overnight low… that's some seriou…
  • Stunning move in gold today $GLD
  • RT @goldseek: #Silver's opening plunge to $14 and then bounce. What volatility:
  • I could see gold going up all Decbember. Tax loss selling and capitulation of leveraged funds ends while positioning for next year starts
  • Gold: Beyond The Swiss Referendum
  • The hammer candle silver is gonna print today should be epic $SLV
  • “If Something Cannot Go on Forever, It Will Stop”
  • Gold and silver screaming higher now negating all oil/Swiss vote panic losses
  • Ironic that a no Swiss vote causes a bottom in gold not a yes vote
  • SWOT Analysis: Physical Gold Demand in India Looks Robust
  • Still planning on buying more gold miners this week but not going to get a cyber Monday crash sale anymore it appears $GDX
  • Why gold just can’t win
  • It may be that gold and silver ended their bear markets last night $GLD $SLV
  • Swiss gold initiative failure to me is another sign the gold bull is alive and well $GLD
  • I'd be terrified if I was still short silver down here after that massive rally $SLV
  • Gold Advances With Silver as Traders Close Out Bearish Bets – Bloomberg
  • Insane volatility in silver right now, crashes overnight in the $14s then rallies over $16 $SLV
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  • Stage Analysis Report –

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