Is The Sun Rising On The Solar Stocks Or More Clouds Ahead?

The solar sector has caught my attention this year.  I talked about the potential for this sector in a video I did earlier this year discussing sectors I’m watching for 2017.  In this video I discuss the recent increase in volume in some solar stocks and my interpretation of the price action from a Stage Analysis perspective.

2 thoughts on “Is The Sun Rising On The Solar Stocks Or More Clouds Ahead?

  1. Hi Justin,

    thanks for bringing this sector to our attention.

    I really love the part of the video where you explained how to read the screener (volume should be above 2 and resistance below 50%).

    Just an idea, but would be great to have a video where you explain how to read the remaining indicators. This would help people to navigate the charts.

    Keep up the great work.

    P.S Any thoughts on Uranium. This week look like the sector is stuck between support and resistance.

    1. Hi Rudy,

      I plan on doing some videos explaining the Stage Analysis Screener more in depth this year. And I will be doing a video on uranium by the end of this week.

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