Watching For A Big Move In Gold

Gold and gold stocks are setting up a basing formation that will eventually resolve into a big move higher or lower.  Sentiment in the gold market is bearish and the media is totally ignoring the gold market right now.  Seasonally gold tends to make a major bottom around the end of June and the start of July.  All that and more is discussed in the video below:

2 thoughts on “Watching For A Big Move In Gold

  1. Hi Justin, very informative gold’s overview.

    To add to your great video, if you look at the gold price chart for the last year, you will notice a cone formation which is cornering the gold price.

    In this regard, the future gold trend will be decided before the end of July.

    Happy investing.

  2. Thanks Rudy. That’s a good point if you take the price action over the last year it’s tightening into a triangle pattern which should resolve itself into a big move.

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